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Biocompost is a Quebec company that
works in the field of organic fertilizers.

Our Philosophy

Our Product


All scientific studies have demonstrated that worm manure improves plant growth and has the potential to curb the development of disease. Our claims about our product are based on proven scientific facts. Our process is based on years of research and development within our company but also of independent scientific experiments and research. Research also shows that these results come from the superior biological, chemical and physical properties that our product creates in the soil where your plants grow.

Physical Properties

  • Improves soil structure, porosity, water retention & aeration capacity

  • Strengthens the root zone and facilitates rooting in the soil already in place

  • Safe for Groundwater

  • Odourless

Biological Properties

  • Introduces mesophyllic microbial communities, including micronizes

  • Provides an abundant source of humates, auxins and gibberellins

  • Contributes to better seed germination

  • Improves root development

  • Reduces your use of fungicides

  • May suppress pathogens from soil

Chemical Properties

  • Delivers the complete range of macronutrients and micronutrients in a soluble and bio-available formula - something unmatched in other compost products.

  • Reduces your use of synthetic fertilizers

  • Regulates soil pH